Canon Uv Filter - Dust Fighter 95 Permanent Electrostatic Filter.

Canon Uv Filter

canon uv filter

    uv filter
  • UV filters are individual compounds or mixtures to prevent ultraviolet (UV) light from coming through. UV filters are used in sunscreens to protect skin or in photography to reduce haziness or fogginess created by ultraviolet light.

  • This coating is a filter for the harmful UV radiation. The coating is either put on the lens or is imbedded into the lens to protect your eyes for the harmful effect of the sun’s UV radiation.

  • This is an Ultra Violet absorbing filter that helps overcome the abundance of blue in outdoor photographs. Not really necessary in digital photography as the camera's white balance system adjusts for the colour temperature of the scene.

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canon uv filter - Canon 77mm

Canon 77mm UV Haze

Canon 77mm UV Haze

Features: UV haze filter to protect lens from dust, moisture, and scratches Absorbs roughly 71 percent of UV rays to improve image Eliminates bluish background haze that obscures some details Sits on lens at all times for maximum protection Easily screws onto all 77mm lens

The Canon 72mm UV haze filter not only helps to protect your lens from dust, moisture and scratches, it also allows you to correct for UV effect and eliminate haze from your photos. This filter will absorb approximately 71 percent of UV rays, helping to eliminate haze's bluish cast that can obscure distant details. This filter easily screws onto your 77mm lenses.

87% (10)

200+ (bad) uv filter

200+ (bad) uv filter

Un element trop souvent neglige pour trouver la cause de photos floues: le filtre UV
Les 2 photos sont prises avec un canon 70-200 f4L a 200 mm et f5.6
Celle du haut sans filtre UV
Celle du bas avec filtre UV Hoya d'entree de gamme. (Green serie)
comme on dit: y'a pas photo !!

Bon c'est peut-etre aussi un sacrilege de mettre un filtre bas de gamme sur un objo L..mais c'etait surtout dans le but de proteger l'objectif des rayures. Donc mieux vaut faire sans filtre et faire attention ;) (ou investir dans un bon filtre)

Le pire c'est que j'avais ce filtre depuis 1 an et demi et que c'est seulement maintenant que je me rend compte de sa tres mauvaise influence sur la qualite d'image :((

UV filter comparison - #1

UV filter comparison - #1

I thought maybe the UV filter on my 70-200 f/2.8 L, which was on the lens when I bought it, was making images a little blurry. I compared it with my new $80ish UV filter that I've had on my 17-40, and not only was the sharpness different, but so was the color.

This is with the old filter, a brandless 77mm UV Haze filter.

Both photos were shot with identical shutter speed, iso, exposure, and focal length. I shot handheld, so there is a slight shift, and the trees blowing in the background make the bokeh colors a little different.

Multiple shots showed similar color difference.

canon uv filter

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